December’s Gathering (Will Have Cupcakes)

Our December meetup is NOT the same as is listed on the IMC calendar! We are meeting on December 8th instead at 4:15pm in the Family Room.

Lots of thanks to everyone who came out for the first meeting! I definitely enjoyed talking about Cindy’s book and meeting some rad folks!

Here are the materials for our next gathering:

1) From Aragorn! “A Non-European Anarchism”  and “Locating An Indigenous Anarchism”

2) From the classic, This Bridge Called My Back, we are aiming to get through both, “Who told you anybody wants to hear from you? You ain’t nothing but a black woman!” (p.175) and “La Prieta” (p.198) but read however much you like!

3) Music: From The Coup’s Sorry to Bother You, see “Magic Clap”

Additionally, we’ll focus on the following three tracks from the same album and discuss their reflection of the Occupy movement.

“Long Island Iced Tea, Neat”

“Strange Arithmetic”

and “This Year”

See you December 8th!


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